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Cedarvale Rainforest is an isolated remnant of the once vast Big Scrub subtropical lowland rainforest which covered over 75,000 hectres on the North Coast of New South Wales. Less than 1% of the original Big Scrub remains as fragmented remnants and our remnant, Cedarvale Rainforest, is considered rare. The core of the forest is about 4 acres in size, and is set amongst 40 acres of mixed native and exotic forest along the banks of Willowvale Creek, a small tributary of Possum Creek.

Eucalypts, with over 600 different species, constitute about 95% of Australian forest trees but our rainforests have the unique distinction of having none. They smell, look and feel very different to the archetypical Australian 'Bush'. We have identified over 150 Australian native plant species in our remnant of which five are listed as Rare or Threatened Australian Plants.

Cedarvale has a high canopy where four hundred year old trees flower and seed, birds and butterflies feed and night animals move and hunt. Below the canopy is the forest floor, covered in leaf litter and teeming with a multitude of life forms like fungi and insects that turn the organic matter into rich humus for the trees.

Since our arrival in February 2001, the regeneration of this magnificent rainforest has become one of our major projects. With the support of Green Corp. and Landcare we have set about maintaining the integrity of the forest by stopping reinfestation of weeds in the core and removing camphor laurels and other exotic species on the edges. This allows for the native seed bank to regenerate. We are also planting additional native species in order to create wildlife corridors between the main remnant and other smaller remnants on the property.