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About us

Possum Creek Lodge is situated on beautiful Cedarvale, an 85 acre property which combines stunning panoramic views with lush subtropical rainforests.

The property was first settled back in the late 1800's and was renowned for its magnificent timber. Today large quantities of Red Cedar, Teak, Satinwood, Rosewood and Coolamon still majestically stand in 40 acres of forest which includes a significant remnant of the 'Big Scrub'. Maintenance and regeneration of the rainforest is one of our major projects.

There is an abundance of animal and bird life with wild turkeys, goannas and wallabies watching from the forest, while wrens, cat birds, kookaburras and assorted native pigeons survey their domain from the sky. Cedarvale today is a working organic farm where we grow macadamias and lemon myrtle.

Our pets include a very friendly horse, a cat with a superiority complex and an extremely cheeky dog who even has his own blog!

Only 5 minutes away is the small heritage village of Bangalow where you will find charming antique and gift stores as well as a number of recommended restaurants and cafes.

When fully occupied the property entertains no more than 12 guests at a time.

Watch Possum Creek Eco Lodge on Sydney Weekender and get more links on Storify!



We believe in walking gently on the earth and we are passionate about supporting a sustainable environment:

  • We utilise rainwater tanks and dam water for our garden
  • We practice water saving techniques such as mulching, the planting of natives and plants with low water needs
  • We operate our own Sewerage Treatment Facilities
  • We recycyle paper and glass
  • We compost all possible kitchen waste
  • We use no pesticides on our orchards or gardens 

Whether you stay a couple of nights, a week, or more, we look forward to offering you the warmest hospitality and an unforgettable stay.